FHS Students Are Excited About Summer


Student working at a summer camp image by Hofstra News

Hannah Joo

As summer is coming up, having a prepared plan for it can be the most efficient way to spend the summer. Whether it be applying for a job, internship, or program, the summer is a great time to decompress from the extended school year and relax before the next. Aside from these options, vacations are usually what students get the most excited about. It is the perfect time to try activities that were impossible to try because of school, volunteer with the community, or even learn something new.

These few months provide a valuable opportunity, while relaxation and downtime are important, for utilizing the summer effectively can contribute to personal growth and enhance college and career prospects.

“I recently got accepted for an internship with NASA for a few weeks, so I plan on attending that,” said junior Anthony Pham. “I also applied and got accepted to become a server at a local restaurant which will help me earn more money. Even though senior year and college preparation sounds stressful, I think I am already planning to do a lot of activities that will help me feel more confident in the coming years.”

Engaging in these extracurricular activities can provide a unique learning experience and promote skillsets. Building personal skills can improve self-care, time management, and better habits for the future.

Junior Deepshikha Bastakoti said, “I plan to continue my job at Panera throughout the summer so I can save up more money for college. I am also planning to volunteer at a summer camp to receive some volunteer experience that I could possibly add to my resume. Aside from any work, my family and I do plan to go on some vacations throughout the break.”

A healthy balance between engaging in various activities and relaxation can nurture many passions. Many juniors also ask seniors or older students for advice so they can feel more mentally prepared. These words of advice can properly prepare the younger classmen for upcoming events.

“I would say my biggest advice would be to work hard now because it will all pay off in the future and you won’t regret all the work you accomplished,” said senior Riya Pasupulati. “Also to prioritize yourself and make sure you have a healthy balance of work and personal life.

Summer break presents a time for juniors, specifically, to prepare for college, grow mentally, explore their interests, and prepare for the future. By utilizing this time effectively through academic enrichment, community engagement, internships, extracurricular activities, and personal development, students can make significant strides in their personal and academic careers. Creating a well-rounded summer plan that incorporates both productivity and relaxation, ensures a fulfilling and enjoyable summer break.