Freedom Students Manage Stress


Photo by Sunny Panthangi

A student completing one of many assignments.

Sunny Panthangi, Staff writer

Students face many challenges when leading with life, but one of the biggest enemies has to do with mental health, and to be more specific,  stress.

“Stress is a common term that is used when one feels overwhelmed, tired, and exhausted,” said senior Mikey Jenkins. “I often find stress as my biggest challenge and it is very difficult to overcome.  Different things can cause stress. At the moment, it’s college applications and waiting for the results. At first, stress consumed me as I had no idea how to tackle it, but soon I found that hobbies can help you forget about the stressors and help you relax. I found Marching Band to be my hobby and it helps me overcome and control my stress.”

Other students share the same opinion as Jenkins and have other ways to cope with stress.

Freshman Addison Pounder said, “Stress increases for students because we are just in the beginning of shaping our lives and building a future. For me, grades and tests are the main cause of my stress. I handle stress by going to things that excite me and talking with my friends.”

One coping technique that was talked about a lot was sports. Students say that sports give them something else to think about and make them happier since it is something they love. Music was also said to help cheer one up.

“Clubs and other activities that students are interested in also come into the conversation when one asks what to do and how they should handle their stress,” said junior Jonathan Edwards.

Stress is a topic that is well-known in schools and students describe it as one of the most challenging things to get through. Luckily, coping mechanisms have been found and are helping students, in one way or another, overcome their stress.