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Have a question? Here is your answer

Freshman, Ella Roney, ponders life’s questions.

Whether you are comfortable with your way of thinking, or find yourself wanting to expand your mind, philosophy club taps into curiosity and provides a space for discussion among students in Freedom High School.

The club was founded in 2010 with the sponsor, Jessica Legnini, and then tenth grade student, Matt Smidt. For the first year, it was just the two of them discussing philosophical ideas. When the second year came around, the club was ready to expand.

“We got a few other students who might be interested, and we started doing what we called, ‘Round Tables’,” Legnini said. “We actually did them in the auditorium because at round tables, we’d pose a big philosophical problem.”

As many as 60-70 students came to the events to partake in the expanse of knowledge during discussions every Friday morning. Now, around 10-30 students come to the meetings. So, why would a club like this be important?

“Often, we surround ourselves with people who think the same way, so whether you take a philosophy class, or go to a philosophy club, it is such an enlightening and eye-opening opportunity to see that there are multiple ways to think about different issues,” Amanda Stephens, history teacher said.

The philosophy club can start a student’s path away from one-sided thinking and towards new ideas to help them discover the truth. All of this starts with a question. When students have questions, the philosophy club provides a space to discuss their thoughts, and any question is a good question.

“Sometimes we pose questions that, initially, seem quite ludicrous, but after discussion, they become more relevant to our existence,” Legnini said.

So try something new! The philosophy club is an open door for any student that has questions every Friday morning in room 204.

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