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A Look Into The VMAS

Olivia Rodrigo set having malfunctions during her performance at the VMAS.
Adellys Mendoza
Olivia Rodrigo set having “malfunctions” during her performance at the VMAS.

Every year MTV holds an award show called the VMAS or also known as MTV Video Music Awards. This year the VMAS took place on Sept. 12. Nicki Minaj was the hostess again for the VMAS.Awards given out to various artists and plenty of jaw dropping performances. 

“In general I love the fashion and I think it’s fun to see your favorite artist gathered around to celebrate their accomplishments. However I think that trophies and all that are kind of overrated. It’s almost as if one artist is better than the other based off of a statue,” said senior Layla Palmer.

VMAS is not only famous for its award, it is also famous for its celebrities’ amusing fashion choices. There were many celebrities who got many compliments for their choices, such as Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice. Nicki Minaj wore a pale pink satin bodysuit that went along with a sheer lace mermaid skirt and a matching see-through lace veil, which was all designed by Dolce & Gabbana. Ice Spice’s dress featured a white stain corset with lace sleeves that turned into fingerless gloves, the dress also puffed out with multiple layers of floral lace that also went along with her lace tights. There were a few celebrities who did have questionable choices on the red carpet, like Doja Cat, who wore a gossamer cobweb-like fabric, but with some controversial details.

Every year there is always some type of disagreement if certain celebrities deserved an award or someone else should’ve gotten an award. This year Taylor Swift had a comeback in her music career and dominated the VMAS by earning 9 awards for a variety of topics. She did get applauded for her work, but there are a few people who did not agree with the votes.

“My favorite [performance] was the Stray Kids’ performance (because I love Stray Kids) and they just went all out with the performance and I just really like when the artists put everything into a performance,” said junior Aditi Talusani. “I think they had some technical difficulties this year with some of the mic not working so the artists couldn’t hear the announcements but overall I think it was a really cool event.”

There were quite a few performances that had the audience rallied up, even audiences watching from home. This year Stray kids performed “S-Class” and TXT (Tomorrow X Together) performed “Back For More”, featuring Anitta. This was exciting for the K-pop community as they watched the groups give it their all and interact with different artists. Even though there was plenty of fun throughout the VMAS, there was a stage malfunction while Olivia Rodrigo performed “Vampire”. Stage lights started to spark and fall to the ground, along with curtains and props. She had to be led off the stage by a security guard. The malfunctions turned out to be planned to lead into her next performance “Get Him Back”, a single from her second album.

Celebrities get to show off their fashion taste and talents every year to their fans, some artists are even rewarded for their work. This brings in 3.9 million viewers almost every year to enjoy the entertainment the VMAS brings.

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