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Conflicts in Changing Schedules

Colleen Hurley, who is the counselor for students whos last name start with ME to NG. She is signing off a students schedule change form.
Adellys Mendoza
Colleen Hurley, who is the counselor for students who’s last name start with ME to NG. She is signing off a students schedule change form.

Many students in Freedom High School went through the process of changing their schedules in the beginning of the year. This year the counselors stated that students can send a request to change their schedule after the labor day break. Meaning students had to wait about two weeks before getting their schedule changed. Having to wait for this long in order for students to get their schedule can have an effect on their grades and progress in the class. Grades are not the only issue for students, but finding a class that fits their schedule or is not already full.

There are about 2,000 students that attend Freedom High School. This makes it difficult to get a spot in class, especially two weeks after school has started. Another worry for students may be if the class they wish to add to their schedule fits into their current schedule. Students must also keep in mind there are may be others that may want to switch into the same class.

“I need it for early release,” said senior Abdul Ebadi. “Like finding a class that has enough people and like finding one that fits my schedule.”

Seniors this year especially look forward to having early release included in their schedule. This requires making sure the student is taking classes they know they can get good grades so that privilege won’t get revoked. Classes students know may be easier or more achievable may be already filled.

There are times students may have signed up for classes that may be too challenging. It is common for students to sign up for more challenging classes such as AP or Honors, not expecting it to be as challenging as it really is.

“It was just like a lot of stuff to do after school with like, work and volunteering, and this other stuff so, I couldn’t do AP Bio because it required like a lot of work outside of school to do the notes and [assignments]” said senior Leila Gebrehiwet.

These challenging classes can interfere with the students’ life outside of school. Which leads to them wanting to make changes in their schedule. Not only interference in their life out of school, but taking their first test or quiz in the class may convince the student to switch classes.

Counselors do try to limit the amount of schedules being switched. They do this by adding a period of time students can switch classes. They also try to encourage better decision making.

“So we use all spring up until the time in mid June that students can do any changes that they want, and we have a form for them to fill out,” said Ms. Hurley, a counselor. “So we want kids to make good informed decisions in the spring so they don’t have to rely on making changes in the fall because a lot of times it may not be possible.” 

Adding this time period gives the students time to make choices that fit their needs in and out of school. It could also give the student a chance to get into a certain class before it is filled.

No matter what circumstance some students still request for a schedule change. While counselors do try their best to prevent these changes, situations still happen that may have not been considered the previous year for the student. Students want to look out for their grades while also being mindful of things outside of their school life. 

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