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SCA and Class Officers Help Boost School Spirit

Sunny Panthangi
SCA Before having fun at their own organized event, homecoming.

School spirit has been run and organized by our schools SCA and Class office for many years. From salad dressing day to Barbie vs. Oppenheimer day, they have brought spirit to our school in many ways to make everyone feel included.

“I love being a part of class office as I love to show our class spirit in school and be a part of big events that we as the class officers hold,” said sophomore Aiden Christian, Class of 2026 secretary. “My favorite part of class office is being able to help create and help plan different events for our class, where it may be the pep rally games, the class shirt, or whatever it may be. I will ensure that I give our class a time in which they will never forget.”

SCA and Class office have to endure many different obstacles though, as they do not have a study hall like their other peers and have to stay for long hours afterschool on important weeks like homecoming week.

“It definitely does take time away since the class replaces study hall and also can be after school as well,” said senior Prisha Bahl, SCA representative. “A lot of times, SCA takes priority over other extracurriculars, so I’ll end up missing club meetings and such, but it is not too hard to balance it all. I don’t love the long hours SCA requires sometimes. For instance, during homecoming week we were at school until 8 p.m. somedays or even till 12 a.m. on the Friday before the dance.”

“SCA is my biggest priority, so I usually prioritize it over other clubs and organizations,” said senior Ann Cherian, SCA President. “That being said, I still have time to do the clubs and extracurricular activities I want, and I haven’t had any trouble managing them. Sometimes, during busy seasons, like homecoming, I’ll have to ask for extensions because I’m busy with SCA work, but most of the time I can easily manage my homework too.”

Though these might be the negatives of SCA and Class office, many that participate are more inclined to mention all the great stuff these organizations offer.

“I knew from my first day as a freshman representative that I wanted to stay in SCA and be an officer in the future because I loved the work we did,” Cherian said. “SCA is one of the best ways to be involved because we do so much for the school, and I love getting to lead all of these events.”

“There isn’t anything I don’t like about the class office, as I love the rush, push, and the hustle to get things done in time for big events like homecoming,” Christian said. “We all know that being a class officer is difficult as there are lots of various jobs and responsibilities you need to take care of as an officer. There is also a lot of stress when it comes to declines and different things like that.”

Many Representatives also add the benefit that SCA and Class office adds when it comes to college applications season.

“It definitely does [help with college applications],” Cherian said. “I’ve put SCA and all of my leadership positions through it on my CommonApp, and I’ve also used experience related to SCA in supplements and scholarship applications.”

Bahl said, “SCA does help with college applications, I feel, as it shows that you take initiative, have leadership experience, and are involved in the school.”

Although it takes up time and effort, SCA and Class office are two organizations that the student body agrees to help bring our school spirit up and gives Freedom something to look forward to in these stressful school days.

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