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Global Warming is a Concern for Students and Staff

Hazel Nguyen
It’s 55 degrees Fahrenheit on Christmas day in northern Virginia.

With information regarding global warming going around from science classes to everyday conversations, there are some Freedom High School students who have a certain level of awareness when it comes to global warming.

“I am aware that global warming is the process of carbon heating up the atmosphere through human processes,” said senior Wayne Williams.

Students vary in their level of knowledge when it comes to global warming and its repercussions. Different students are taking different steps necessary to actively combat global warming such as telling those around them to do the same.

“I think [global warming is] an important issue that we need to be taking steps to combat and I encourage my friends to help,” said senior Megan Sinkar.

Scientifically, global warming has to do with the temperature on our planet.

“[Global warming] is the long term increase of temperatures across the globe, typically caused by humans,” said Emily Bird, AP Environmental science teacher. “There’s so many consequences, but loss of habitats and biodiversity are big ones and these two also have their own consequences.”

There are various ways to help slow down the increasing detrimental effects of global warming. These include simple lifestyle changes that people can incorporate into their everyday lives.

“It’s meat products that mostly have the biggest impact [on global warming], so cutting back your meat consumption is the biggest thing that you could do. It’s actually because of how the meat is raised,” Bird said. “We have to grow a lot of food to feed to the livestock and so then you’re doubling down on everything that goes along with that. With all the tractors and all the machines you use to grow the food all produce greenhouse gasses, it all just adds up when you could have just eaten the plant in the first place.”

According to the National Library of Medicine, there is research that a plant-based diet can lower factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, as well as, body mass index and is also cheaper.

Students have also found other strategies to help.

“I recycle and use biodegradable materials. A lot of the utensils I have are biodegradable and break down. My parents also have a hybrid car,” Williams said.

Global warming has definitely made a lasting impact on our world and the steps that members of the FHS community are taking are helping in working towards slowing down the rate that global warming is going at. 

“Educating yourself is the biggest thing you can do, make informed decisions about the things that you buy and the things that you do in your life,” Bird said.

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