Who is guitar man?



Like many students at FHS, junior Brigham Dalean doesn’t go through a school day without music. Dalean doesn’t just listen to music, he also provides it. Dalean walks the halls nearly every morning and between classes playing his guitar for students to listen to.

Dalean first started playing guitar in the seventh grade, inspired by listening to various classic rock guitar pieces. Although he has been playing for quite some time, he first started playing his guitar at school during last year.

“One day I brought my guitar to school to practice for a concert and then decided to play it throughout the day,” Dalean said. “I saw the look on people’s faces when I started playing. The nodding of their heads, the smiles that people had, and I was glad to make someone happy that day, so I just continued to play during school.”

From that day on, he’s played his guitar at school on Fridays, but now he does so nearly everyday. Dalean has also experimented with writing his own music, but he mainly just covers songs to play for students at school. Some of the music he likes to cover is from artists such as Ed Sheeran and Yiruma. He now gets inspiration from modern music on the radio. Once he finds a song or artist he likes, he practices perfecting the song. When the front doors of FHS open, Dalean is ready to put on a show.