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Senioritis Is at Its All Time Peak

Kierstin Han
Screenshot of a senior’s fourth quarter grades.

With the school year coming to an end, seniors are experiencing the peak of their “senioritis.”

“Senioritis” can be described as a decrease in motivation towards education in high school seniors. This often leads seniors to struggle with completing work on time, or even completing work at all. This is likely caused by seniors having gotten their most important activities, such as college applications ,out of the way, and having graduation be so near. 

As underclassmen, seniors’ complaints of “senioritis” often appeared to be an exaggeration, but after experiencing it for themselves, many seniors have changed their mind. 

“From the way I heard other people describe it, it seemed as if I would feel a bit discouraged to do school work,” said senior Nuri Han. “But in actuality it was a lot worse.”

The struggle continues, especially for non-capstone seniors, or seniors taking DE courses, as they must follow the admission criteria set by the partnering college. 

“I only took the DE class for higher course rigor to get into my dream school,” said senior Jiho Park. “Literally no other reason. I got rejected. The senioritis is doubly worse now.”

For some students, “senioritis” has not only impacted their academic life, but also their personal life and hobbies.

“In previous years, I took up a lot of craft related hobbies, and I could spend hours working on projects,” said Han. “Now, I can’t even find the energy to do those crafts, and I would rather sit in bed all day.”

Luckily for seniors, this week is the last week for all seniors, who will finally be able to enjoy a break.

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