What is Fiddlestick Club?


Junior Logan Hall, creator of the club, during one of their games.


While the word “fiddlestick” has many different meanings, such as a type of instrument or a synonym for nonsense, Fiddlestick Club at Freedom High School is an indoor miniature lacrosse club sponsored by P.E. teacher Jason Murphy. The new club had its first meeting on Monday, Dec. 10.

Started by junior Logan Hall, he and his friends began talking about creating the club over summer.

“We were playing it at the tennis courts at town hall and thought it would be a fun club,” Hall said. “At the beginning of the year, no one really did anything to start it so I stepped up and set everything up.”

Hall then spread the word to the lacrosse team, posted about it on social media, and taped posters around the school.

Many members of the lacrosse team showed up to the meeting excited to work on fundamental stick skills and teamwork during the off-season. However, the club was not made up entirely of lacrosse players. Many students not on the lacrosse team joined the club because they wanted to have a good time with their friends in a competitive yet relaxed environment before school.

Fiddlestick Club is an opportunity for people to play a sport they enjoy without the rigor or commitment of a competitive school team. It is a club for students who have an interest in athletics to go and have an enjoyable time.

The next meeting will be after winter break.