FHS Indoor Track mid-season update


Photo by Chong Chung. Sophomores, Josh Facey, Ryan Borden, and Cole Edwards get into starting position for the 1600m race, as they wait for the gun shot to announce the start of their race at the David Cannon Memorial Polar Bear meet on December 1st, 2018.


Freedom High School’s Indoor Track and Field team has passed the season midpoint. While the name of the sport can be deceiving, don’t be fooled by the word “indoor.” Only one out of the six  indoor track meets are actually indoors. Due to the lack of nearby indoor facilities, FHS’s indoor track team trains and almost always competes outdoors.

From temperatures in the low 20’s to the highest of 40 degrees, most indoor track meets are referred to as polar bear meets. During a polar bear meet, the temperatures are so low that all teams are required a certain amount of clothing to keep warm. FHS’s first meet of the season at Geroge Marshall High School on Dec. 1 had the most miserable meet conditions yet. With temperatures in the low 30’s, pouring rain and freezing wind, it made racing much more difficult. Despite the awful weather conditions, a total of 15 athletes from FHS qualified for districts, along with four first place finishes.

The second meet of the season was the Bobcat Blizzard Invitation which took place at Battlefield High School on Dec. 8. While it was partly sunny, the wind was vicious and cold. FHS had 12 more district qualifiers.

The most recent and successful meet was the Champe Chiller meet at Champe High School. The weather was in the high 50’s, and it was sunny. It was the first non-polar bear meet. Each athlete was placed in an event that he/she had not yet qualified for in the postseason. Both of FHS boys and girls team won the meet. The girl’s team won by 58 points with 93.50 points altogether and the boys team won by 30 points with a total of 70 points. FHS had 16 first place finishes and postseason season qualifications. Senior Garrett Dunn-Ford broke his own school record in shot put for the third time with a throw of 52’ 11” and qualified for states. Midway through the indoor track season, FHS has had a total of 39 athletes qualify for post season.

List of athletes that qualified for post season & their events:

  1. Madison Boyer-500m & 1600m
  2. Aislinn Garcia-500m & 1000m
  3. Julia Riley-500m & shotput
  4. Jessica Borden-1600m, 3200m, and 1000m
  5. Bailey Elliott-1600m & 3200m
  6. Samantha Tiong- 55m hurdles, triple jump, and high jump
  7. Emily Kuni-55m hurdles & 500m
  8. Ryan Borden- 1000m & 1600m
  9. Brennan Wood-1600m
  10. Cole Edwards-1600m & 1000m
  11. Josh Facey-1600m & 1000m
  12. Andrew Mingione- 55m hurdles
  13. Long Nguyen- 55m hurdles & triple jump
  14. Edward Laclare- shotput
  15. Sam Masters- shotput
  16. Preethi Ravikumar- 500m
  17. Madison Garcia- 500m & 1600m
  18. Karen Xu- triple jump
  19. Gabriel Turner- 300m & triple jump
  20. Sumedh Julapalli- 1600m & 1000m
  21. Subodh Julapalli- 1600m & 1000m
  22. Kevin Aviles- 1600m & 1000m
  23. Dan Gittelman – 3200m & 1600m
  24. Oscar Gorman- shotput
  25. Aiste Orentas-500m
  26. Carmen McCoy-500m
  27. Ashley Nguyen-500m
  28. Kathryn Ramboyong-500m
  29. Samy Lawson-1000m
  30. Marissa Cornell-55m hurdles
  31. Nina Hoyt- triple jump
  32. Marissa Bell- shotput
  33. Nicholas Chang- 500m
  34. Arik Walker- 1600m
  35. Saikiran Chandramouli- 1600m
  36. Ethan Curtiss- 1600m
  37. Zachary McDonough- 1600m
  38. Matthew Kane- 1600m
  39. Garrett Dunn-Ford- shotput (State qualifier)            
    Photo by Chong Chung.
    Freedom High School’s boys 4x200m team of sophomores, James Field, Gabriel Turner, Tejarsh Singh, and Freshman, Nicholas Chang medaled at the David Cannon Memorial Polar Bear meet, by placing third overall.