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50 New Year’s resolutions


From straight A’s to an improved sleep schedule, people are making their New Year’s Resolutions to better themselves. Here are 50 resolutions from your peers at FHS:

Morgan Koeneke, 10: “to eat healthier”

Riley Waldrop, 10: “to get more sleep”

Haley Adams, 10: “stop drinking soda”

Bella Pam, 10: “to drink more water”

Grace Pounder, 10: “to work out”

Holly McPherson, 9: “to get better at field hockey”

Emily Taylor, 9: “drink more water”

Rebecca Griner, 10: “to be more patient”

Ruby Hunsaker, 10: “run more”

Will Mosier, 10: “to find productivity in laziness”

Kamryn Upson, 11: “to exercise at least twice a week”

Alex McMillen, 10: “to maintain good grades”

Madeline Heyburn, 10: “to get another cat”

Saikiran Chandramouli, 10: “drink more water”

Sohil Shah, 10: “to go to the gym more”

Isabel Yabes, 9: “improve my sleep schedule”

Tanu Yanambakkam, 10: “run three times a week”

Ryan Borden, 10: “do better in school”

Rishi Rathnakaram, 10: “eat healthier”

Connor Kolarov, 10: “sleep more”

Devan Patel, 10: “get good grades”

Shivani Patel, 10: “procrastinate less”

Miriam McClure, 10: “procrastinate less”

Anna Stewart, 10: “work out more”

Maya Farley, 10: “drink more water”

Julia Najjar, 10: “taking care of my dog better”

Adam Manuel, 10: “study more and get better grades”

Brennan Wood, 10: “have a better sleep schedule”

Brooke Hartman, 10: “be healthier”

Madison Tavares, 9: “get better at dance”

Logan Boddie 9: “get better at orchestra”

Jenna Freilich, 9: “to not get injured”

Rebecca Cherian, 9: “to finish the basketball season strong”

Maria Cordero, 10: “to not complain as much”

Dawit Mannegerew, 9: “work out more”

Sarayu Sriramoju, 9: “work out more”

Audrey Hood, 9: “to keep my grades up”

Allana Strong, 9: “to pass 9th grade”

Reese Spicer, 9: “work out more”

Caitlin Aldorisio, 9: “eat healthier”

Abby Janiga, 10: “get better grades”

Rebecca Fuentes, 10: “go traveling more”

Grace Ferrier, 10: “stop arguing with my mom”

Kathryn Oakford, 10: “work out more”

Nicole Lim, 10: “clean my room more often”

Sharon Sanchez, 10: “to eat healthier”

Caroline Lee, 10: “be more positive”

Madeline Heyburn, 10: “to not procrastinate at the beginning of the quarter”

Nadia Stupec, 10 : “to travel more”

Haeley Silan, 10: “do my homework as soon as it’s given”

Although resolutions may not always be followed, a goal in the beginning of the year can inspire people to get outside of their comfort zone. Each year presents an opportunity to improve yourself and become a better person. Make 2019 the best year yet!

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