Freedom Slam Dunks Broad Run


Basketball coach, Justin Powers, leads the team through the last quarter.

Madison Roney

Freedom High School students are a bundle of nerves on Thursday Jan. 10, as first quarter comes to a close. Broad Run is up 25 to 20, but with three quarters left, a turnover is still possible.

Broad Run was still leading 35 to 31 with two minutes left in the quarter, until junior, Robbie Kemmerer, scored outside the three point arc in the last 48 seconds. With 34 points ending the second quarter, Freedom’s chances are boosted.

The halftime buzzer, put the audience at the edge of their seats. In a bewildering third quarter, the FHS scored another 25 points that will put and keep them in the lead. After one last time out in the fourth quarter to bolster the team, Freedom won the game 74-58.

The cheerleaders chanted at the end of the court, completely wild about the turn of events. This game makes it the fourth win in varsity boy’s winning streak.

“I like the varsity team,” said Abby Luck, freshman cheerleader. “They are really good, and it is nice to see Freedom win for once.”

The varsity boys will play against Rock Ridge on Wednesday, Jan. 16. Students are crossing their fingers, hoping that the wins continue bouncing in.

All eyes are on the ball as Robbie Kemmerer shoots from outside the three point arc.