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How to Cure Senioritis


As second semester approaches, the class of 2019 is beginning to feel the symptoms of senioritis full-on. Seniors are becoming less and less motivated to study, complete assignments or put any effort into school at all. College acceptances are filling in, and instead of focusing on high school, seniors are pointed towards the future. Senior Grace Little is no stranger to the wrath of senioritis.

“I’m not motivated to get anything done anymore because I’ve already been accepted into college,” Little said. “Halfway through second semester I will have already decided where I want to go, so my [high school] grades won’t be a priority anymore.”

The urge to slack off senior year can be overwhelming, and it is easy to dedicate all your attention to college admissions. But with the finish line so close, now is not the time to slow down. Here are some ways to cure your senioritis:

  1. Think of yourself as a college-student-in-trainingCollege can be a lot more academically challenging for students than high school was, so try thinking of second semester as preparation for your freshman year. Focus on skills that you have not perfected yet, such as note-taking or time management, and improve your techniques before you start college in the fall.
  2. Keep yourself challengedWhether this means taking on a personal project, focusing on courses that really interest you or reading a new book, finding things that keep you stimulated and learning is key.
  3. Get involvedJoin some new clubs, audition for the school’s play or try out for a sport. It is your last year of high school so go out with a bang. Take advantage of everything your school has to offer, and leave nothing untapped.
  4. Have funNow that you have been accepted into the college of your dreams, it is time to celebrate. Make sure you set time aside to hang out with friends, go to social events or anything else you enjoy doing. The hard work has finally paid off, and you have earned some time to relax.


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