Spirit Week Day 2: Freedom Stays Comfy for Pajama Day


Freshmen Garrett Goldberger showed his school spirit on Pajama Day be sporting a minion onesie.

Helina Wondwossen

On the second day of spirit week, Tuesday, Feb. 5, Freedom students showed their pajama pride. The day was extremely successful in regards to participation, as comfortably clothed students flooded the hallways. Senior Rebecca Sertse was one of many to dress up, or in this case dress down, for spirit week.

“Pajama day is one of the easiest days out of the spirit week, and probably my favorite one too,” Sertse said. “So I was not surprised to see a lot of students showing their spirit.”

Senior Lara Arif shows her spirit in class.
English teacher Eileen Hammang-Yaworsky poses for the camera in her PJs.