Advice from a Senior: Course Recommendations for Current Juniors


Sample Schedule

Arnav Kumar

It is that time of that year again when students have to decide which courses to take for the following academic year. As a senior who has been through this process many times, I can understand just how difficult it is for juniors to develop a balanced schedule that takes so many different factors such as college and mental health into consideration. Consequently, I have outlined some advice for rising seniors struggling to figure out which courses they would like to take next year.

  • Build a rigorous course schedule for next year. Don’t let anyone tell you that your senior year doesn’t matter, as colleges will still see your first-semester transcript. That being said, don’t take random AP and DE courses to boost your GPA and rank; make sure you have 1-2 electives in your schedule that demonstrate some sort of passion and tie in with an extracurricular.
  • To current calculus students: continue taking calculus next year. AP Statistics is a great class, and I would recommend taking it as an elective if you have space but avoiding a calculus class after taking calculus AB or BC doesn’t look too good. If calculus REALLY isn’t your thing, then I understand, but don’t make poor decisions just because you are lazy.
  • If you are in the fifth level of a world language, continue on to the AP level. Being proficient in a foreign language will open up so many doors and colleges LOVE to see a commitment to learning a new tongue.
  • Start thinking about what your intended college major is going to be and make sure your coursework somewhat reflects that major
  • Explore the fine arts if possible. Period
  • Join Newsmag