Spirit Week Day 5: Neon/White out



On Feb. 10, the fifth day of spirit week, the students of FHS decked out in bold colors. The neon and white-out was a way for students to show class spirit for the pep rally and earn class points. Some students showed up in a pair of neon socks, while others came fully decked out with neon shirts, tutus and even head accessories.

A few members of the sophomore class came wearing neon shirts that each had a letter on them. When all together, these 11 students’ shirts spelled out #sophomoreszn.

Eliza Agi, who made the shirts, was very excited about their demonstration of school spirit.

“We were super excited for the pep rally so we wanted to do something to show our spirit,” Agi said.

Before the start of the pep rally, students Celine Sayegh, Andrew Yun, Brandon Hall, Charles Ceccotti, Haeley Silan, Rishi Rathnakaram, Eliza Agi, Ian Suyat, Grace Pounder, Miriam McClure and Akansha Nair lined up with their neon shirts in front of the sophomore class. (Photo by Krish Kapur.)
During his lunch block, Freshman Armando Retana shows his school spirit. (Photo by Camille Desjardins.)