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Eagles Soar at the first Freedom Science Fair

Fifteen students were chosen to represent Freedom High School at the Regional Science Fair.

From spinning wheels to knee braces, students in the Independent Science Research(ISR) class identified issues and showcased their research to judges and spectators during the Freedom High School Science Fair. 

The Science Fair was held in the FHS Library on Feb. 7. Many students came to learn about a variety of the topics researched by the students in ISR. The dual enrollment class is research-based, meaning that the students pick a topic or issue to research and develop solutions or theories to explore. This is the first year that the class has been available to FHS students.

“Because it is a dual enrollment class, it forces you to learn the standards for college and learn as a scientist,” said senior Hannah Lee. “It is really unlike anything I have ever done in any of my other science classes.”

The judges were FHS science teachers.

The winning students who will represent FHS at the Regional Science Fair are:

Nicholas Urbanek and Long Ngyuyen
Jonathon Lemieux
Jack Branch and Tanci Paritala
Steven Yousef and Asia Chhour
Lydia Kuo
Sydney Niemala and Javier Alonso
Benjamin Goldberger
Maria Plugina and Lauren Osbourne
Megan Pelletier
Hannah Lee and Connor Patterson
Samaleh Omar and Arnav Kumar
Nadera Moustafa

“I was really impressed with a lot of the projects,” said senior Gina Nored. “The students were doing experiments that I didn’t think a lot of people could do, like one group was using oobleck to make a knee brace.”

The winning FHS students will be presenting their projects at the Regional Science Fair at Riverside High School on March 14. The rest of the ISR students will continue working on their projects to present to science professors and students at George Mason University in April.


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