Another MUNderful time at MUN



Freedom’s Model UN team had a conference at Langley High School on March 1-2. This conference was yet another opportunity for club members of MUN to gain a clear sense of MUN’s fierce competition and exposure to major global issues. Despite the fact that this MUN conference took place in the middle of the school year when spring sports just started and the school workload rises, 10 delegates were still able to drive to Langley to compete for two days.

Out of the 10 MUN members who came to the conference, junior Kaise Dualeh won first place in his committee, Congo 1960. In his committee, delegates discussed the political crisis in Congo and worked to find creative methods of mending the country’s major conflicts. 

Along with Dualeh, sophomore Ishan Datey was also delegating in a crisis committee, which is a council that yields fast-paced discussions due to its loose parameters of rules and restrictions.

“Crisis committees are always so unpredictable,” Dualeh said. “It forces me to find very unorthodox solutions to some very complex problems.”

In Datey’s committee, Area 51, delegates discussed the technological advancements in the highly classified United States Air Force facility and speculation from the American public on the possibility of UFOs and aliens. Overall, the conference was a unique experience for Datey, since he had the opportunity to uncover the mysterious innovations and information that are inside Area 51.

Most of the other FHS members who attended Langley’s conference competed in a double delegation committee, where they were dealing with issues such as world hunger. Although the issues being delegated were grave and pressing, delegates enjoyed being able to work with students from other schools to help resolve these major conflicts.