SCA votes on new class officer bylaws


Madison Roney

The Student Council Association (SCA) follows a codified set of rules. Until recently, the class officers have been following the same guidelines outlined in The Constitution of The Student Council Association of Freedom High School. Senior class president Lara Arif and other class representatives proposed that class officers should have their own set of written and ratified rules in order to improve efficiency.

“It is basically the same rules they have been following for the past 10-20 years and have just codified that so they have to follow those rules, and adding some changes that we think were necessary,” said Noah Burke, SCA president.

One major difference in the class officer bylaws is found in Article 3: Section 3: Subsection 1. It proposes that junior and senior class presidential candidates would have to have formerly been a class officer or SCA representative in order to run for that position. The class officers voted on these bylaws first, most of them voting in favor of them passing. The SCA representatives also unanimously voted yes. A 3/5  majority for each group of class officers is needed before it is given to the SCA to vote.

“I’m personally in favor of the class officer bylaws because junior and senior year, as class president, you do a lot more than you do as an underclassman,” said Alex McMillan, sophomore class president. “SCA normally plans the events like homecoming and other dances, but as junior and senior class president, you are the one that has to plan prom, powder puff games, and other events such as that.”

SCA representatives and class officers voted for this change because they feel as if the junior and senior president positions deserve separate requirements, as they are extremely important roles. Their argument is that the new bylaws would improve the chance of reelection for previous class officers and ensure that the positions are held by qualified students.

“I think it is going to drastically limit the number of people who are qualified for these positions and are able to get them,” said Ben Vieson, junior class president. “I feel like it is going to have a negative impact because people should be able to choose who they want for class president and not have a list of people that are acceptable because the school says they are.”

A forum was held on Wednesday, March 13, for Freedom students, SCA representatives and class officers to discuss the new class officer bylaws. The bylaws will be officially voted on Wednesday, March 20.