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VSCA Conference 2019


On Thursday, Mar. 21, Freedom’s Student Council Association will be joining hundreds of students at this year’s Virginia Student Councils Association conference. This will be SCA’s third time attending the convention, their first time being back in 2017. During their time there students will be working on a state service project, in which they will be making craft kits for St. Jude Hospital patients, participating in 25 minute “learning labs”, and having a forum with the Virginia Board of Education. Senior Jenna Thalji is one of the many SCA members planning on attending the convention, and is excited for her final opportunity to participate in the activities.

“It is really exciting to talk with other kids from Virginia to see how different things are in other areas, and just overall interacting with them is super fun as well,” Thalji said.

Aside from the educational opportunities, SCA students are able to let loose and participate in recreational activities as well. Pizza nights, pep rallies and movies are all on the itinerary for our SCA members, making the convention even more enjoyable. One of the most anticipated events of the convention is the annual Saturday night dance party, in which students get to have fun one more time before leaving Sunday morning.

“I’m looking forward to the dance… just because we normally are the ones putting on these dances so it’s nice to just enjoy it and not worry about anything,” Thalji said. “It’s also super fun because it’s more casual, and this year’s them is ‘Fire on the Dance Floor’ to go along with the conventions theme of ‘Lighting the Fire of Leadership’.”

The convention serves as a well needed break and reward for the hard-working members of SCA, and is something students and staff alike can enjoy.

Senior Jenna Thalji and other SCA members take time to relax during the VSCA 2018 conference.
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