Milk Club and Philosophy Club join forces


Seniors Madison Boyer and Doria Smith listen as other students discuss how religion impacts their identity


On Friday, March 22, FHS Milk club joined forces with Philosophy club to discuss what sexuality, gender and religion mean to them. The discussion took place during all lunch shifts in the auditorium. The students involved in leading the event were seniors Doria Smith and Madison Boyer, who were there representing Milk Club.

The students representing Philosophy Club were seniors Keshika Gopinatham and Saakshi Gunda. By having these two clubs combine their efforts, they were able to bring a new spin on philosophy to the table. The discussions started off by asking participants to interpret a few different quotes, which eventually helped the discussions evolve.

As the discussions progressed, many subtopics were covered such as generational values, religious tolerance and what it means to be yourself. Through this discussion, students were able to come together and share their personal experiences, and some people even discovered new things about themselves, especially regarding their relationships with their identities and religion.