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New Voters: 2020 Presidential Election


As seniors reach the legal age to vote, many members of our Freedom community are planning on voting during an election for the first time. However, a good number of newly eligible voters fail to get to the polls every year. Aspects such as a disinterest in politics, unfamiliarity with government functioning or a misunderstanding of the impact of votes can answer the question as to why voters in younger generations are a minority.

Junior Vincent DeCarlo is planning on voting in the next presidential election to support the Republican party.

“I am voting in the 2020 election because I want to make VA a red state again,” DeCarlo said.

Plenty of people fail to vote because they feel as if their vote will not make a difference, but DeCarlo encourages others to steer clear of this thinking.

“I don’t know if my vote will have an impact, but at least my efforts will go towards having a Republican leader in charge,” DeCarlo said.

If choosing to vote, one of the many things to keep in mind is staying informed. Conducting research on candidates or policies can help a voter make an educated decision and make the most their vote.

“I feel it’s important to take into account what the next leader of the free world is in favor of and is against,” DeCarlo said.

Junior Emma McPherson is also planning on voting in the election, to support the Democratic party.

“Yes, I’m voting to because I think it’s your civic duty, and I really want to see change in the White House,” McPherson said.

Lots of people who vote don’t feel their vote will have much of an impact, but McPherson thinks everyone needs to do their share to help contribute to elect a representative they want.

“Even though it’s not a huge impact it’s still important to vote because everyone needs to do their part and work together to elect a good representative,” McPherson said.

Making sure people are updated on candidate’s policies and beliefs is extremely important to elections, and ensures that all voters are informed.



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