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Advantages of spring sports

Picture by Chong Chung Junior Andrew Weatherly dribbles down the field during the boys varsity soccer game against Rock Ridge.

It is believed that spring sports do not allow for students to be focused enough on school work, but there are more benefits than negatives that are often looked over. The timing of spring sports puts them around the third and fourth quarters that are arguably the academically hardest times of the year.  Here are the reasons why spring sports are so great:

  1. The weather during the springtime can mentally benefit athletes due to the exposure to the sun and just being outside more often. The seasonal impacts of winter and fall sports may also lead into seasonal depression; the lack of sun exposure and confinement into small indoor spaces creates a less ideal environment to work out in.
  2. The springtime prefaces summer. The workouts and cardio worked into spring sports will allow for more body confidence when summer arrives.
  3. Spring sports are during the third and fourth quarter which helps the end of the year go by faster. The constant activities students are involved in does not give time to worry about school but makes you feel more productive when doing your homework.
  4. The intense workload during third quarter can make students become anxious. The sports can help relieve the stress as it gives students something else to focus on.
  5. When athletes are immersed into a different group of students that they are not typically involved in, they can create new friends. The mix of grades from freshmen to seniors also creates a more cohered environment within the sports and school as well.

The beneficial influences from being involved with a spring sport allow for greater productivity within both a school and athletic environment. The physical activity from all sports doesn’t only benefit students athletic skill but also helps mentally relieve stress from the school day.

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