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Spirit Week Day 2: Go crazy for wacky tacky day

Seniors Jason Ball, Lukas Elias, Lara Arif, Yugank Shestha, Kylie St. Laurent and Giulia Maddiex gather outside to celebrate the craziest day of their final spirit week.

The second day of spirit week called for students to dress up in wacky and crazy clothes. On April 23, students showed their school spirit by wearing clothing pieces that would not normally be worn together. The Freedom community was caught wearing Halloween costumes with Christmas socks, tutus with a Hawaiian lei. Sophomores Abby Janiga and Haley Adams are both wearing contrasting socks to display spirit.

“I like this spirit day because I get to wear something I normally would not wear,” Adams said.

The wacky attire students wore earned points for each class, making it a fun way to further the competition.

“It is my last spirit week of the year, and I wanted to make it count,”said junior Jaya Tuggle.

At the end of spirit day two, sophomores remain in first place with 3,228 spirit points, seniors close behind with 3,011 points, juniors in third place with 2,999 points and freshmen with 2,788 points in fourth place. 

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