Summer in the City: A Complete Guide to Washington DC

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After a while, staying in NOVA over the summer can get stale. However, going into DC for the day can be intimidating, as there’s so much to do, see and eat. Getting from South Riding to DC is easy with the help of the metro. Taking the metro is a more effective option than driving because parking in the city is difficult, and can get expensive. The closest metro station is the Vienna/Fairfax GMU station, which a person can get to by taking 66 or taking the bus at East Gate to the station. For those overwhelmed by the city, here is a short list of places to go when taking a day trip to the nation’s capital.


  1. M Street in Georgetown

M street is full of clothing stores, both retail chains and high-end vintage shops.

   2. Eastern Market

Located in SE DC, Eastern Market is a hub for local farmers looking to sell their products. Not only can one buy great produce, but there are many vendors there who sell jewelry, art and clothing.

  1. Smash Records

Smash Records is a record store located on 18th st. This shop is full of both old and new vinyl, vintage clothing, shoes, pins, posters and every other music-related merchandise a person could imagine.

Go to a concert

While concerts at Capital One Arena and The Anthem can get fairly pricey, there are many venues throughout DC that provide live music for much cheaper prices. UStreet, Songbyrd Cafe and DC9 have concerts almost every single night.

Where to eat

  1. Falafel Inc

Falafel Inc is a new restaurant located on The Wharf. Their $3 falafel sandwiches are perfect for students on a budget, as they provide a delicious meal for a cheap price.

   2. Busboys and Poets

Busboys and Poets has many locations around DC. What sets this restaurant apart is the fact that it doubles as a book shop and an event space for musicians and poets alike.

   3. HipCityVeg

HipCityVeg provides quick service vegan food that even the most intense carnivores will love. Although seating is tight, HipCityVeg provides quality food for a cheap price, especially when on the go.

Go to a Nationals baseball game

There is almost nothing better than baseball games in the summer. Tickets are cheap and since baseball games happen so often, this can slowly become a weekly, biweekly or monthly tradition over the summer. A person doesn’t need to love or even understand the sport to have fun!

Visit museums and monuments

When walking through DC during summer, visit a museum! Enjoy the air-conditioned building while admiring different cultural relics. There are plenty of museums in Washington DC, ranging from the Smithsonian to the International Spy Museum. Afterward, there are plenty of grassy spaces (besides the Capitol or the Washington Monument) to have a picnic or fly a kite!