A Personalized Goodbye


One of the caps Josh Lee created.


Decorating graduation caps is a tradition Freedom students have been doing for years. Not everybody is artistic, nor do they have the time to decorate a cap, so senior Josh Lee decided to help out his peers by decorating their caps for them. By using scrapbook paper, markers and paint, Lee is giving each student a hand made, one of a kind cap.

“I’m honestly doing this because I don’t have time to get a job because I’m leaving the country in less than two weeks,” Lee said. “And also because I love arts and crafts, so I might as well help people and have some fun!”

Charging $15 a cap, Lee currently is decorating 10 of them, and all the designs are different.

“I’m doing one for my friend that’s a vine reference and I think that’ll be fun,” Lee said. It’s a lot of schools and inspirational quote [designs], but I’m going to make my own cap something cool.”

Ava Ali chose to decorate her own cap. While not done yet, she plans to draw a stethoscope on it, with the caption “And off she went to change the world.”

“The stethoscope is because I want to be a nurse and follow in my aunt’s footsteps,” Ali said. 

For Ali, decorating her cap gives everyone attending graduation a preview into her future.

Whether it be college, career-themed, or simply just a fun design, decorating graduation caps gives seniors one last chance to express themselves as a Freedom student.