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Fantasty Football Frenzy Has Begun

Millions will play, but only some will win.

The NFL kicked off its 100th season with a game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. This also was the start of one of America’s favorite pastimes: fantasy football. Fantasy football is played by an estimated 56.8 million people in the United States and Canada. ESPN, Yahoo, and DraftKings are just some of the many companies that provide users with leagues to play in. Each league has around 10 to 12 teams. Leagues are owned by one user and he/she is able to make rules for the league.

Every player is given 16 picks to draft running backs (RB), quarterbacks (QB), wide receivers (WR), tight ends (TE), Kicker (K), and defense/special teams (D/ST). Most people familiar with fantasy football will tell that there’s a strategy to choosing which type of players will be in each round.  RBs go in the early rounds, WRs and TEs start getting drafted in the third round, QBs go usually in the middle rounds, and kickers and D/ST go towards the end of the draft. One of the incentives for winning a fantasy league is cash prizes.

“I’ve played fantasy football for five years, and it’s been a great way to complete weekly against friends and interact with them,” said junior Joey Sherr.

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