Spirit Week Day 4: Throwback Thursday Styles


Juniors Abbey Janiga, Haley Adams, and Taylor Lech brighten the day in their neon 80s outfits.

Madison Roney

Ever miss 70’s bell bottoms or 90’s chokers? Good news! Each class represented their favorite decade on Thursday, Oct. 3, with the freshman rocking their 90’s ripped jeans and plaid skirts. The sophomores were on cruisin’ in 50’s leather pants and T-birds jackets. Juniors exploded with color with their neon fishnets and off the shoulder scoop neck shirts. Seniors embodied flower power with their bandanas and bohemian skirts.

Sophomores are in first with 1,426 spirit points followed by seniors with 1,251 points. Juniors are close behind with 1,220 points and the freshman are in last with 1,086 spirit points. Friday Oct. 4, is class color day and another chance to earn more spirit points!

“It was really fun dressing up and seeing everyone’s outfits,” said junior Leila Hendrix. “I definitely want to do it again and maybe be 70’s next time.”

Maya Porter and Ruby Hunsaker, Juniors dress up like they are striaght out of the 80s.
Carina Funk, Lindsay Ahn and Erika Strobel rock and roll their school spirit.
Grace Schofield, Pooja Challala and Abby Doyle go all out on decades day.
Juniors Abby Janiga, Haley Adams and Taylor Lech brighten the day in their neon 80s outfits.
Meher Bhohi, Jaya Tuggle and Andrea Silva, Seniors spread peace and love with their 70’s decade day outfits.