Spirit Week Day 3: Wednesdays are for the USA!


Sophomores Jessica Nguyen and Nara Lee wears light-up stars with paint on face and legs on U.S.A. day. Photo taken by Lauriane Razafinjatovo.

Koloina Razafinjatovo

Mid-week of the 2019 homecoming spirit-week, Freedom dedicates the day to the United States, dressing up in red white and blue from head to toe. From painted legs and faces to American flag pants and onesies, the FHS student body comes up with all sorts of ways to be patriotic. 

“U.S.A. day is honestly my favorite spirit day because not only is it for school spirit but American spirit as well,” sophomore Jessica Nguyen said.

Nguyen had an  American flag colors on her face and has star string lights around her neck for the day.

With efforts to bring up the spirit of FHS, the student body is looking forward to continue participating for the rest of the homecoming spirit week. The sophomores places first with 932 spirit points, juniors in second with 922 points, seniors in third with 821 points and freshmen fourth place with 814 points.