4 Years Later: Class of 2020 Finally Holds the Spirit Stick



Pep rally day-the classes are shortened, the face paint is on, and the school spirit is radiating through the halls. The tension between classes is high, with the spirit point tally fluctuating with who is in first place all week. But it was finally the day that students found out who is going to be the winner of homecoming week.

All the fall sports walked out, and the entire gym applauded, showing their support for all the Freedom teams, followed by the winners of homecoming court.

The pep rally consisted of classic games such as tug of war, hungry hungry humans, and head, shoulders, pin. A new activity was introduced, where a device that reads sound and measures it by the decibal was held in the middle of the gym to calculate who was the loudest class.

The crowds watched performances by Bollywood Beats, the step team, the cheer squad and the dance team, who were joined by members of the football team.

P.E. teacher and wrestling coach Greg Northart came out dressed as a Potomac Falls football player and was taken down by a Freedom football player, getting the entire gymnasium hype for the game that night.

The P.E. department took home the title of most spirited department. And after four years of not winning a single pep rally, the senior class won. SCA president Austin Roberts handed senior class president Chloe Shepard the spirit stick, and they both celebrated the victory by rushing back to their student section.