Freedom Volleyball Supports Breast Cancer Awareness


The Freedom High School Volleyball team listens to the National Anthem before playing their game against Rock Ridge on October 17th. (photo taken by Chong Chung)


When the month changes to October, the main focus tends to be on Halloween and the rest of the holidays to come, but Freedom Volleyball is focused on what they can do to support the community around them and represent Breast Cancer Awareness month.

FHS Volleyball team has worn pink jerseys to one of their games every year in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The team only wears the jerseys for one game each season, which is designated as their “dig pink” match.

“It feels amazing to wear the pink jerseys because were representing a great cause,” junior Haley Adams said. “To know that were supporting Breast Cancer Awareness makes wearing the jerseys feel more important.”

This year, the FHS Volleyball team sported new pink jerseys for the game against Briar Woods.

“We’ve done it every year since my freshman year,” senior Courtney Golden said. “I’m sure they’ve done it before I was even attending Freedom.”

Despite the 0-3 home loss, the team was able to support the breast cancer community and convey the message that Freedom wants to help an important cause and make a difference.

“It shows that Freedom cares about something than just sports. It shows that we care for our community,” Golden said.

Freedom has and will continue this tradition to spread awareness for this world wide issue, and continue to push themselves to keep winning for the remaining games of the season.