Ten Tips to Help Succeed in Junior Year


Junior year tends to be a stressful time for students. (Photo from Flickr)


Many juniors are starting to feel the stress of junior year, widely considered the most difficult in high school. These tips can help to reduce some of the anxiety throughout the year.

  1. Go to office hours
    1. Junior year typically has the heaviest course loads for students. Though waking up early might be tough, attending office hours can help students raise their grades and understand the content more.
  2. Prioritize extracurriculars
    1. With the extra academic and extracurricular workload, students are going to have some activities may need to take a back seat. While juniors should not drop the activities they care the most about, prioritizing is a necessity.
  3. Try to grow as a person
    1. Developing a sense of self can help students get through difficult times. Additionally, developing soft skills and becoming a better person are essential things to do before leaving South Riding.
  4. Deepen relationships
    1. It is essential for students to have quality relationships with the people in their lives. Relationships with family are especially important.
  5. Try new experiences
    1. Trying out new clubs or activities is a great way for students to determine if they have other passions.
  6. Take college entrance exams early
    1. Taking the SAT/ACT early will give students time to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and improve their scores.
  7. Find time to research and visit colleges
    1. Starting to build a balanced college list will save students the stress of making last minute decisions on where to apply during the first few weeks of senior year. 
  8. Run for officer positions
    1. Students should assume positions of leadership in the clubs and activities that are most important to them. This will help students develop important leadership skills for the future and improve their resume.
  9. Finish the year with a college essay draft
    1. Applying to college might seem years away to juniors, but once senior year starts, it hits students like a train. Writing even a bad draft at the end of junior year will help students determine what works for their personal statement.