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The Benefits of Music

Photo and design by Ana Urban Earbuds allow students to listen to various types of music that is unique to each individual.

From warming up for games to doing homework, music can be beneficial in improving mindsets and overall moods. 

“Music helps me de-stress from school,” junior Ashley Yoo said.

Music is unique, as students can all listen to different types of music that fits their preferences. The different genres, spanning from Pop to Country to Rap, create a wide selection of choices that can fit students’ personalities. 

“Music is beneficial because it gives people something to relate to and feel when they think they can’t find that in other people, whether it’s a beat or lyrics it’s very very important,” sophomore Jules Bickley said.

Because most teachers allow students to listen to music during class, there is more opportunity for students to be comfortable and be more productive while working. The music can also prevent distractions. 

“I like listening to music when I do homework because it is background noise and it is not too distracting,” junior Abby Janiga said. 

Not only does music help teenagers during school hours, but can also help athletes during their workouts and warm-ups for games. 

According to the National Center for Health Research, “[music] can help improve the quality of your workout by increasing your stamina and putting you in a better mood.”

This is no different for student-athletes at Freedom High School. Junior Taylor Lech listens to music before playing soccer to get ready. 

“Music helps me be prepared for games,” Lech said. 

The various uses for music allow for a more pleasant school day while still being productive.

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