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So How Do People Really Feel About the Clocks Going Back?


As the weekend approaches, so does the start of the clocks setting back. Every year on the first weekend in November, the clocks set back, giving everyone an extra hour of sleep and to settle down.

After asking a few students how they feel about the clocks setting back, they suggested that it was a good thing that improved their sleep schedule and helped them become more productive at night since they feel as if they have more time. 

“The clocks setting back is my favorite time of the year. I fall asleep so much earlier than I normally would, and I honestly feel so much more productive, ” junior Brennan Wood said. Wood said he is constantly out and has little free time on his hand. 

“The extra sleep helps me so much and I feel so much less stressed,” junior Alex McMillen said.

As the school year begins to ramp up and coursework is beginning to get heavier, having an extra hour of sleep can be beneficial. Even though there are so many pros to the clocks going back, junior Brooke Hartman had other thoughts.

“Trust me, getting that extra sleep is so nice, but it does mean that it’s going to start getting dark at like 5 o’clock,” Hartman says. “It causes me to get tired earlier, which on school nights is always really good, but if I’m trying to stay up to hangout with friends or for an event it makes it so much harder.”

Even though most students agreed that the clocks setting back is a really good and beneficial thing, there are some who still don’t want to let go of that extra daylight. But, the clocks setting back is one step closer to winter, which for some can be an unsettling thought. For those students who enjoy the clocks going back and are ready for the colder weather, they should start getting excited.

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