FHS Students Paint A Mural To Inspire Others


After ten hours of hard work, the juniors had completed the mural for many to see in the coming years. Photo by Morgan Maiden.


On Nov. 4 and 5, a group of juniors led by Katie Ramboyong painted a mural in the girls gym locker room.

After three months planning the mural, Ramboyong was relieved that it was officially done.

“I wanted to paint this mural to help uplift young girls who feel self conscious or are comparing themselves to others people,” Ramboyong said. “It is supposed to empower them and remind them of their own self worth regardless of how they feel with to other girls there.”

There were four designs for the mural, all including quotes by the poet Morgan Harper Nichols. Ramboyong and Kate Adamczak, FHS gym teacher, wanted to make sure the quote was a good fit for the locker room. They worked together to find a quote to fit well next to a mirror.

Adamczak also had Ramboyong pick others students to help her with this project.

“I had some really good friends help me paint the mural,” Ramboyong said. “We had music and food, so it was a really good time. I specifically asked the people who I really appreciated their vibes and lifestyle so that energy would go into the mural.”

Now that the mural is done, Ramboyong now looks for other ways to inspire the school. She plans on painting the girls bathroom stalls with inspiring quotes, a mural for the boys gym locker to not give up and to help with a mural at Liberty Elementary School.