Junior Class Wins Powderpuff


The Junior class powderpuff players and coaches after their win.

Emily Peacher

On Saturday, Nov. 16, Freedom High School held the annual Powderpuff Football game of juniors versus seniors. The senior class was lead by Tyler Knapp, Nicolas McMillen, Christian Poland, Nick Sohn and Coley Villagomez. The junior class was lead by Jacob Aponte, Charles Ceccotti, Tony Chung, Oscar Gorman, Brandon Hall, Alec Maggio, Justin Martinez, Frankie Sheller, Preston Tang and Nate Turner.

Powderpuff is a FHS tradition, held twice a year every year, once in the fall and in the winter. In the fall, the junior and senior class males are welcome to play volleyball and their game is held in the main gym. In the winter, the junior and senior class females are welcome to play football, being held in the main field.

The team for the junior class encompassed:

  • Lindsay Ahn
  • Emily Clark
  • Grace Ferrier
  • Carina Funk
  • Katie Gibbs
  • Morgan Hess
  • Ruby Hunsaker 
  • Chloe Hutchison
  • Emily Kuni
  • Caroline Majeski
  • Miriam McClure
  • Carly St. Laurent
  • Taylor Lech
  • Bella Pam
  • Grace Pounder
  • Samantha Tiong
  • Karen Xu
  • Myra Yousefi

The team for the senior class encompassed:

  • Marisa Cornell
  • Rachel Goode
  • Rachel Knee
  • Lexi Krobath 
  • Grace Van Leeuwen
  • Ella Ledsome 
  • Jay Momoh
  • Emily Peacher 
  • Chloe Shephard
  • Allie Spong

“It was such a fun experience,” junior Carina Funk said. “Since the junior guys lost the volleyball game, it was amazing to bring a win back to the juniors and make our class proud.”

The junior team scored two touchdown in the first half. The seniors scored a touchdown in the second half, yet it was waived due to a player being outside boundaries. Although both teams played an amazing game, the juniors defeated the seniors with a score of 0 to 14.

“It was super fun, but I don’t think we took it as seriously as the juniors,” senior Ella Ledsome said. “We could have been more prepared, but it’s just supposed to be a fun game, so I’m not upset about the outcome.”