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Uplifting questions for Freedom

Christian Poland is taking a look at one of the many of his power point slide shows he made to brighten faculty. Photo taken by Morgan Maiden.

Ever wanted to make someone crack a smile or brighten their day? This is a daily routine for senior, Christian Poland. Over the past couple months of his senior year, Poland has been creating power points with thought provoking questions to teachers around Freedom. 

Over the past few months Poland has been trying to brighten people’s days around Freedom, being Katie O’Brien, Katelyn Neuser, Tiffany Rowe, Sarah Verdis, John Mulhorn and Douglas Fulton to name a few he visits everyday with new questions. 

“A lot of my teachers and friends would always ask how my day is going, so I though I would take it a step forward and give more thought to it by creating these power points. This also indirectly turned into my Capstone,” Poland said. 

By asking these small questions, Poland wanted to make a bigger impact on Freedom, by making people smile. 

“I am hopefully helping them open up. I wanted to give some of the teachers some fun and make them talk to each other and not just make it all about school,” Poland said.

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