The Field Side of Track and Field


Freedom High School throwers Celine Sayegh, Morgan Glass, and Chloe Shepard pose with their coach at the regional Track and Field meet.


When most people hear about track and field, they’re likely to picture hurdles and mile-runners, but few consider the throwers. Freedom’s track and field throwing team has been incredibly successful in past years, with one athlete even qualifying for nationals last year.

Throwing is a unique sport. Similar to track, it has different events to showcase different strengths. However, there are less events with throws than there are for sprinters or distance runners. This forces throwers to focus on their form and technique in order to get the best results from their limited events.

“Getting the form down takes a long time and lots of frustration,” senior Chloe Shepard said

The idea of throwing may not be appealing to teenage girls. It requires heavy weightlifting and strength. This could be especially true for Freedom High School throwers, who are mostly stereotyped to be buff football boys. Shepard is aware of these stereotypes but continues to work hard to prove that girls are just as capable of succeeding as the male throwers through hard work and proper technique.

“People always underestimate me because of my size because most people don’t know how that form and precision is actually a big part of throwing, not just brute strength,” Shepard said.

FHS throws team is a small group, but a rather close one. The team enjoys bonding and messing around during their practices. Throws is an incredibly supportive and positive atmosphere, as reiterated by many of its members.

“We are like a small, crazy family” sophomore Morgan Glass said.