Join Our Uncaged Family: FREE THE TRUTH


Our Staff: James Czarnaski (Left), Lillian Christenbury, Dan Gittelman, Claire Wodack, Lauriane Razafinjatovo, Carina Funk, Lindsay Brisson, Morgan Maiden, Camille Desjardins, Eliza Agi, Emily Peacher, Bailey Elliott, Aayusha Khanal, Kaise Dualeh (right) and Ava Proehl (front). Not pictured: Madison Roney and Lauren Balser

Madison Roney

Hello Freedom Eagles! While choosing your classes for next year, I would like to invite you to join our publications class! Our sole purpose is to provide an outlet for students to learn from one another and stay informed about important aspects of society. This publication is about YOU, so try it out and expand your horizons.

We create and design our own magazine filled with topics that the student body believes is important. We use Photoshop to edit photos and create illustrations as well as InDesign to put together pages and form spreads. That might sound daunting, but not to worry. Most students have little to no experience before taking this class. Speaking of classes, freshman or sophomores take an Intro to Journalism class before moving on to Journalism I. Instead of piling on expectations onto first timers, this class allows students to learn the history of  journalism, how to use the design software and how to write articles for our magazine and website.

Our pride and joy is our website that allows us to further connect with the students in a more timely manner. Many think taking another English class is daunting due to the amount of writing, but our website allows our publications to widen the scope. Students can create small blog posts like this one, videos, and live broadcasts. There is so much potential and so much we can learn from you! We would love our talented Freedom Eagles to join our efforts to inform Freedom students and provide a positive outlet for creativity and originality. Thank you for your interest and consideration.

Freedom [Uncaged.] Staff