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Meet Hakon Grant

Hakon Grant playing piano at Governor’s School in Radford University. Photo provided by Hakon Grant.

Although preschool is around the time where kids begin reciting the alphabet or developing their motor skills, junior Hakon Grant was busy doing something else: playing the piano. Around the time he was in preschool, Grant had already taken a strong interest in the musical instrument.

Ever since then, he has been strengthening his interest in music and perfecting his talent.

So far, Grant has composed two original pieces called “Go Around” and “A Scare in Midair.” Instead of writing down his songs on music sheets, Grant recites his pieces by memory. While memorizing an entire piece without having any written documentation can be a challenging feat, it is one of Grant’s favorite parts about making music.

“I memorize whole pieces implicitly recalling how each phrase and rhythm go while practicing,” Grant said. “It’s one of the easiest parts for me in learning to play a new piece.”

Grant was able to express his adoration for playing and composing music at Virginia’s Summer Residential Governor’s School for Visual and Performing Arts at Radford University. At Governor’s School, he was given the opportunity to meet fellow peers who share similar passions as well as perform in front of his largest audience.

“I’ve performed at many public places, one of my favorite experiences being in Governor’s School because it allowed me to show what I can do in front of so many,” Grant said.

Most recently, Grant performed at the FHS talent show hosted by SCA, where he played his original piece “A Scare in Midair” that led to him winning the title “Fan Favorite.” This piece was largely inspired by his fascination for airplanes and aviation, as he tells the riveting story of a plane experiencing turbulence. Grant dedicates his song to pilots who were able to land safely in a difficult situation, who are people he really looks up to.

Grant hopes to continue his passion for music and inspire some people along the way.




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