South Riding Starts Shamrock Hunt!


Shamrock to decorate your front door with for the community!

Emily Peacher

In light of the dark times surrounding South Riding as the many are self-quarantining as a safety precaution for the spread of the coronavirus, members of the South Riding Facebook group decided to create a fun and safe game for children to partake in this week for St. Patrick’s Day!

Members have posted about hanging up a drawing or a photo of a shamrock on their front doors all week long so that parents can drive their children around our community to count them and come up with a total number. 

St. Patricks day is celebrated annually on March 17, celebrating the death anniversary of one of the most popular saints in Ireland, Saint Patrick. Shamrocks typically represent the Holy Trinity in Ireland, having each leaf represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit during this holiday. 

“Kids can get outside, walk around and see how many Shamrocks they can find,” said Kere Lyn, a member of the South Riding Facebook page.

So go ahead and join in the fun! Print or color a photo of a shamrock to put out this week to assist our community in entertaining the little ones of South Riding this week!