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Freedom Girls Soccer Scrimmage Heritage High School

The Freedom girls Varsity soccer team playing in their scrimmage against Heritage High School

On March 11, 2020, Freedom Girls Varsity Soccer competed in their second scrimmage of the season against Heritage High School, but what no one had anticipated is that it was going to be their last game of the season.

The Corona virus has affected many aspects of the school year, which has been cut short due to state issued stay-at-home order. Despite the impeding school closure, the soccer team played to the best of their ability resulting in a 0-2 loss.

This was their first loss of the season after their 3-2 win against Centerville High School the week before, but many seniors are happy to reminisce their last moments with the team.

“It was crazy, I never thought that was going to be my last game on the Freedom team,” senior Lexi Krobath said. “However, I’m grateful for the last two scrimmages we got to have.”

The team has even made advancements to keep the coaches and players together, such as team Google Hangout calls, and tributes to each senior on their Instagram page. They also do daily check-ins through their group chat.

Although school may be cancelled along with sports, teams are doing their best to honor student athletes and keep players together through this difficult time.

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