A Tribute to the Senior Class


The profile of the account dedicated to the Class of 2020 (@freedomseniors2020)!

Emily Peacher

As physical classroom school year has come to an end, Freedom seniors are starting to realize what they are missing out on: t-shirt cutouts telling where they are going to college, the official final day of school, and goodbyes to their classmates and teachers.

To make up for some of this, an Instagram page (@freedomclassof2020) has been created by senior Grace Maloney.

“I think the account is kind of a virtual version of those t-shirts that Freedom normally uses to show where the seniors are going” Maloney said.

She is posting seniors that submit their images and information to the account. Their names, colleges and majors are posted to celebrate our fellow classmates.

“I think the account is great because it helps kids in our class connect with others,” Maloney said. “If it weren’t for the account, I wouldn’t know where a lot of people were going to school next year.”

Many teachers and classmates have liked and commented on the posts to recognize these seniors as they publish their plans for the next chapter of their lives.

Although the hearts of seniors are tender right now, missing out on the senior year opportunities, this Instagram page is a way to cherish the final year the class has together, celebrating one another and their accomplishments.