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Jonathan Schiffler,FHS band directors, conducting the performance of the Artist Wind Ensemble.
FHS Hosts Fall Concert
November 17, 2023

Seniors make a memorable start to their unconventional year


As the school year begins, many senior students are feeling the loss of their last Homecoming, spirit week, and fall season of football games. Despite this disappointing setback, the senior class has still chosen to make the best of a bad situation. 

Senior sunrise is a popular tradition that takes place for the senior class in which the students gather and watch the sunrise on one of their last summer mornings. The class of 2021 officers decided to arrange this event, not sponsored through the school, and have it at a local parking lot where several students would feel comfortable meeting. 

They required masks and social distancing, that way students could have a good time while staying safe. The officers decided to do a senior sunrise as a way to bring the class together and begin a day together before they began their last year. 

“It was more symbolic as a senior event because it is representative of us beginning our year together,”  said Jake Beyer, senior class president.

The event acquired the attention of several students who posted all about it on social media in the days preceding the sunrise. When the sunrise happened, about 40% of the class showed, and these students were able to enjoy one of the first of many senior memories.

 “Even though it can be easy to be pessimistic,” Beyer said, “try to stay hopeful because the seniors are set on trying to make the year as special as it can be.”

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