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Ramboyong’s Lifelong Hobby Turns Into Side Hustle

Ramboyong spends between 5 to 15 hours on each piece of art. She keeps her Instagram as a virtual portfolio for her memories. Photo provided.
This architectural landscape project of Florida State University is what made Ramboyong turn her hobby into her new small business. Photo provided by Katie Ramboyong.

Painting has always been a major aspect of senior Katie Ramboyong’s life. It wasn’t until quarantine, when Ramboyong had, “too many hours in the day,” that she turn what she loved into a booming small business. 

“The business really started out of a spare moment idea,” Ramboyong said. “I have always wanted to sell my artwork, and I just started an Instagram to create a virtual portfolio, because before they all just ended up in the back of my closet.”

Ever since preschool, Ramboyong has had a paintbrush in her hands. Katie Rambo Art, has been an idea stuck in her head, until quarantine made it come to life. 

“In preschool, when they gave us art projects I would turn in art work and teachers and other students would think that my mom did my art for me,” Ramboyong said.

Ramboyong spends up to 5 to 15 hours on each piece she sells. From the popularity her artwork has been receiving, many have reached out through social media leaving her booked from now to half way through 2021. 

“One of my favorite projects I did was an architectural landscaping project of Florida State University (FSU),” Ramboyong said. “This piece was very special to me because it was then posted on a parent’s Facebook page for FSU that got over a 1,000 comments all saying they wanted to buy it and it showed me that I can definitely create a business side off of this.”

From a small business starting from an Instagram page selling paintings through her direct messages, now Ramboyong has even bigger ideas in store for her artwork. 

“Soon I hope to add selling prints and stickers” Ramboyong said. “I hope to expand one day to a website also, so that I can reach more people with my products.”

View Katie Ramboyong art account below using the link: https://www.instagram.com/katierambo.art/

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