Gen Z Takes to the Polls this November

Joe Biden (Left) is the Democratic candidate this year against Donald Trump (Right) the Republican candidate. Photo produced by Forbes.

Joe Biden (Left) is the Democratic candidate this year against Donald Trump (Right) the Republican candidate. Photo produced by Forbes.


The 2020 Presidential Election is coming up, and Gen Z voters have more of an influence on the election results now than ever before. With several Freedom High School students turning 18 recently, they will be eligible to vote for the first time. Voting in the election this year is a big responsibility, since those voting will determine who the country’s president is for the next four years.

There are two candidates running for president this year, Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, and he has been president the last four years. Trump’s promises for the next four years include creating 10 million new jobs, the development of a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2020, and supporting the exercise of the second amendment. Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee, and is most well known for his vice presidency with Barack Obama from 2008-2016. Biden’s promises for the next four years include tax policies increasing on the wealthy, an alternative to Trump’s previous tax cuts for the rich, a job and economic recovery plan prior to COVID-19, and fighting for equal pay for women. More information about the two can be found at and

Voters should take time to make sure that they are well educated when it comes to the candidates and who they plan to support. Usually, the Loudoun County registrar comes in to talk about the election, but since they cannot do that this year it is even more crucial for voters to take time to research on their own. Voters should browse websites that each of the candidates have created to educate themselves about which policies the candidates plan to implement if they become elected. They should then spend time deciding which policies best align with how they would like to see the country run. Senior Taylor Lech has been working hard to educate herself and feels excited about the decision she plans to make.

“I’m feeling really good, I have been researching a lot and feel as if I’m making an informed decision,” Lech said.

For new voters, there are multiple steps that should be taken prior to election day. One of the most important things for new voters to do is to register. Registering to vote ensures that on election day voters will be able to make their voice heard. To make sure they are registered to vote, voters should check Virginia’s online voter registration. 

Many may be unsure about whether or not they would like to vote, even though they are of age. For some, politics may not be of interest to them. For others, they feel that neither of the candidates match their values. Some even believe that their vote is not important enough in the grand scheme of things for it to matter. AP U.S. and Comparative Government teacher Joan Lewis-Osborne avidly encourages students to vote. 

“They need to know how urgent it is to vote,” Lewis-Osbourne said, “and they should not think that their vote doesn’t count, because if there’s any year where their vote counts I think this is the year.”