Do Politics Affect Friendships?


Photo provided by HiClipart Both parties have strong opinions on either side. Those opinions play a role in various aspects of friendship.


In society today, individuals live with people who have all different opinions and viewpoints, especially on politics. Political parties are a direct representation of the different ways our society is divided based on beliefs. Because of this division among the people, a varied amount of political viewpoints intersect within all types of relationships, even closer ones. Because of this intervening of beliefs between relationships, how exactly does this or does this not impact the relationship?

For some people, political diversity amongst friend groups has no impact at all on the relationships. Josh Facey, a senior at Freedom, is one of many students who don’t let the difference in viewpoints of politics affect any relationships he has. 

“I just don’t think politics is something that needs to be brought up,” Facey said “If I like a person and enjoy their company, their political opinions don’t matter at all to me.”

For other students, the pressure of politics could certainly impact a relationship. Those who are more passionate about what they believe in might have trouble finding a companionship in others who don’t have the same beliefs as them. Senior Bre Fay is someone who believes that as long as there is respect for each other’s views, there will not be an issue. 

“I think one of the reasons I sometimes have issues with people who don’t have the same beliefs as me is purely the respect aspect of all of it,” Fay said. “If one person can’t respect my view on a particular topic, then that’s when it makes it harder for me to respect their views as well.”

Respect for others beliefs is a major component when it comes to keeping a healthy political relationship with people of other parties. If a person who leans more left is friendly with someone who leans more right, as long as there is respect for each opinion, there is no reason that relationship would not work.