Managing Time during Distance Learning

Photo provided by Having a set schedule is important when managing time.


It can be hard to manage time during distance learning, but many students have found ways to get their work done and still have free time. 

With school being online, some students are having trouble managing their time, especially since they have been on their computers the whole day. 

“My schedule has changed because I spend more time outside of school working on assignments than compared to last year,” said sophomore Kashvi Patel. “Last year, I would usually get assignments done in class. Now some of my teachers do not use the learning lab to let us work, so I have to do more work after class.”

Attending school from home can also have many distractions, which can lead to students not getting their work done. 

My phone, for one, because you easily get bored and the first thing you do when you’re bored is to go on your phone,” said sophomore Ryan Delvecchio.

All these factors from distance learning have made it hard to manage time from home and get assignments done. 

“For me, personally, yes [it’s harder] since I am given more homework than before, and I’m staying up later than usual. It’s hard to manage my time because you have to complete the homework for a given class on that same day so you have it ready for the next day,” Delvecchio said. 

To manage their time, students have used many methods and have some tips to get work done efficiently. Patel and Delvvechio use many methods to stay on task and finish their work.

I manage my time by using my study hall to do assignments and using up all the learning lab time to finish my work,” Patel said. “I make sure I start all my assignments the day it is given. I do this because if I have questions, my teacher has more time to help me. Also, just starting your assignments earlier just makes you feel like you got something done and you don’t have a lack of motivation. 

“I make a list on my whiteboard of all the assignments I need to get done by a certain day. I put a check box next to the assignment and the day it’s due so I know when I should complete it by,” Delvvechio said. “You should start making a list of all your assignments and when they’re due so you can make sure you don’t turn in anything late. Another tip is to not wait until the last minute to start your work because you’ll be swamped with a lot of assignments.”

“A tip I have for time management is to start assignments early so you have an opportunity to ask for help if you are having trouble,” Patel said. “If you start a project the night before its due, then you cannot ask your teacher questions or for any help you might need on the assignment.”