A New Level of FOMO


Photo taken by Eliza Agi Students feel as if they are missing out due to the lack of activities caused by COVID-19.


As the year continues, more and more opportunities are open to students to regain some sort of social-normality. Although there are events hosted through the school, many students are finding ways to meet outside of school, whether that be at restaurants or parks. I find myself being more careful than the average teenager.

By surrounding myself with family and using forms of Facetime and Zoom to socialize with friends, I lessen the chance of getting COVID-19 and passing it to others. Although this is the recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are various large events and gatherings which go against the standards. Whether this is a replacement homecoming or an upcoming Halloween gathering, I am choosing not to attend for the well being of myself and my loved ones. 

Although I know this is the right thing to do, there is an unavoidable feeling of FOMO. That is, the fear of missing out. In an alternate universe with a perfect, and normal 2020, I would be going to Cox Farms and football games, but unfortunately this is not the reality. I cannot go to these annual events which mark significant milestones in a teenager’s life.  I am not only sensing the FOMO with other students socializing currently, but rather the previous classes of 2020, 2019, 2018, and so on. 

As I talk with my siblings and their experience of senior year, I wonder what could have been if COVID-19 had stopped early, or had never even happened–go to homecoming, see my friends, win the spirit cup, dress up for football games. But the year is not over yet, and most likely, this will be the most memorable senior year anyone has had in a while. So, in the meantime, I will wear my mask, stay home, social distance and enjoy the socialization of my peers through the 6 inch by 2 inch glass screen I call my phone. Soon we will be able to go back to “normal,” so for now, if you find yourself experiencing FOMO, do not worry, you’re not alone.